Fresh and natural, from the sea to the plate in less than 24 hours if you order them online

FRESH BECAUSE, caught in the sea, not in the cold room of a warehouse; coming directly from Italian artisanal daily artisanal fishing; delivered to the final customer, in United states, on the same day as the landing in the port of the daily catch.

NATURAL BECAUSE , untreated, unprocessed and unprocessed; absolutely free of foreign substances of any nature, residues, additives and preservatives; delivered as and as they leave the network, at sea, to the final customer, in Canada fresh seafood delivery.

FISH PRODUCTS. Fish, Crustaceans and Molluscs proposed by Fisherman’s Net by Tonon come exclusively from San antonio fishing boats that practice daily artisanal fishing only in the united states.

ONLY ON ORDER . Fisherman’s Net by Tonon operates only on order, and buys the fish products ordered directly at the “Market to production”, where the fishermen, immediately after the daily landing.

ONLY IN THE DAY . The product boxes purchased at auction for customers are imported into San antonio and delivered on the day of risen.

TRACEABILITY  . Each box of fish products purchased by Fisherman’s Net at the “Market to production”, at the landing of the daily catch, and delivered the same day to the Customer who ordered it, in u.s, is officially tracked, from the moment of fishing in the sea to delivery, in the kitchen, and is traceable, backwards along the supply chain, up to the moment of capture, in the sea.

THE LABEL . And every single box is registered and labeled directly by the “Market to production”, box by box, it is the main and essential guarantee of origin of the fish products contained.

The labeling of the “Market to production” of in each individual box also guarantees that that fish product has not been processed, transformed or treated in any way, after being caught at sea, and that that box has been prepared at sea by fishermen, during the fishing trip.

THE DATA . Precisely because what is ordered from Fisherman’s Net is delivered to customers in the original box of the “Market to production”, the one prepared in the sea by the fishermen, and landed in Port, to be auctioned, not only is there the guarantee that the Fish, Crustaceans or Molluscs contained in the box have not been processed, transformed or treated with additives and preservatives, but the data on the label allow the Customer, in the Kitchen, to know exactly by whom, how, where and when he is that fish product has been caught, and therefore to fully evaluate and appreciate the quality, freshness, naturalness and integrity of what is about to cook and serve on the table.