GTA Vice City – Get Cheat Codes For Every Game

GTA Vice City is a video game series designed for personal computers and consoles where the player will have to complete missions to advance through the general story, but can also perform parallel actions in invented areas based on models of American cities.

Each game in the series takes place in a fictional place in the world and in a different time space. Also, the character changes from game to game, and because the game is free to move around, the team player has tremendous freedom to decide what and when to complete the various missions.

Sometimes some missions can be difficult to complete, or you need more money quickly, and here you can be supported by cheat codes. Cheating is a way to make the game easier to play or to create special effects.

Today, almost all games (personal computer or console) include cheat engines that can be activated by a series of letter and / or number combinations. GTA Vice City games are known for a wide variety of codes for a variety of things. With them, the player can:

– create many vehicles: cars, motorcycles, boats, planes

– get weapons and ammunition

– full armor and health

– change the weather

– get money

The use of codes in GTA Vice City Turk games is really elementary, but it can vary from game to game. In the early games of the Grand Theft Auto series, you had to type a combination of letters while playing and the cheat was enabled, but in newer games like Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto IV, the cheats were activated in the gaming cell phone. The player must call his mobile phone number to activate the cheats. If you entered the correct code, the message “cheat activated” will appear on the screen.

Even if playing with cheats can make the game more painless and even stupid, you should note that using some cheat codes can block some achievements, especially in current games, so try to use them as little as possible or play with activated cheats. , but do it. don’t save the game when using codes.

Escape From Sense and Sensibility

The player can accidentally walk down the street and commit murder, robbery, assault and many other crimes against an unsuspecting NPC. In addition, the player has weapons as simple as a knife and a baseball bat, from pistols to mini-pistols, and from C-4 explosives to rocket launchers, to wreak havoc and destruction throughout Los Santos. While there are police and military personnel in the game, they are not intellectually strong enough to overcome the fact that their use corners them. Whenever a player falls into the trap of the law, a simple bribe gets him out of trouble and gives him a chance to continue his horror or spend the day quietly in the game.

At the end of the day, the game should be viewed with a grain of salt. This game is for entertainment purposes only and must be played by seniors. GTA Vice City developers Rockstar conceived that this game should be seen as a complete satire of what our society is like today. The game gives an outlet to our inner, more sadistic thought process.