SAFe certifications

Improving Your Company Through a Scaled Agile Framework

When you have a company, you want to ensure that everything is running smoothly and seamlessly. It can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the framework to follow. You need to implement a set of workflow and organization patterns that can help provide your company the stability it needs. Most of all, these structures can help your company uphold values, implement work, and create a system in maintaining roles and responsibilities. In cases like this, you will need a knowledgeable person in Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe.

A person can become an expert in SAFe through SAFe certifications. In Netmind, they offer several certifications and courses in different SAFe implementation roadmap. Anyone, both professionals and amateurs, can learn how to implement the SAFe agile working methods in the workplace. Let’s find out what these courses are. But first, let’s take a better look at SAFe.

Understand How the Scaled Agile Framework Can Help Your Organization

If you’re searching for effective ways to help improve the overall situation of a company or a business. The framework includes structured guidance about roles, how individuals can plan and manage their work, and what values they need to uphold. With SAFe, it helps promote alignment, how teams can efficiently collaborate, and successful delivery across a large number of agile teams. And as businesses and companies grow in size, SAFe can help scale this growth without any hindrance. Every company should be able to adapt quickly to market changes, both internally and externally.

SAFe certifications

With a successful SAFe framework, a company can develop freely without being scared for the future. SAFe has four different configurations to help manage the various levels of scale, and these are Essential SAFe, Portfolio SAFe, Full SAFe, and Large Solution SAFe. Nothing beats preparing yourself with the ever-changing needs of your customers with SAFe software. It continues to evolve as businesses continue to develop as well.

The Different Kinds of SAFe Certifications Netmind Offers

Netmind offers several kinds of SAFe certifications and courses at the moment. The first one is the SAFe Program Consultant, which is focused on Lean-Agile change agents who lead, implement, and apply the principles, core competencies, and practices of an enterprise, which is a part of the Lean-Agile transformation. Another is SAFe Agilist, which is the kind of certification aimed at directors, managers, and leaders in general. They are the ones who are tasked to lead the agile transformation of an organization. They must have extensive knowledge to apply the Scaled Agile Framework.

The SAFe Practitioner certification accredits one’s knowledge in the application of SAFe SCrumXP. They help in the adoption of Scaled Agile Framework at the level of teams and programs. They need to be a member of the Agile Release Train to understand how it works as a whole. The SAFe Scrum Master certification is designed to validate the person on how to perform the role of a Scrum Master in a safe environment. They help agile teams reach the maximum commercial value that they can achieve through SAFe.