Thai Massage Versus Swedish Massage: Which One Do You Prefer?

Several types of massages are now offered to the public. People who want to feel relaxed and ease body pain can get a massage. But, what is the right body massage for them? Are all the different types of massages good? Here, you will learn the difference between Thai massage and Swedish massage at

The Thai massage

Thai massage is known as lazy yoga massage or hard massage. It is based on the Eastern understanding of physiology and anatomy. The massage’s principles are based on the energy path of the body. According to Thai physiology, it is believed that disease is the outcome of blocked energy paths connected with spiritual beliefs.

Thai massage is aimed at enhancing the body’s energy flow. The better the energy flows in the body, the better the body works.

The Swedish massage

Swedish massage is most commonly popular in the West. It is often known as the regular or classic massage, soft massage, or relaxing massage. It is based on the Western understanding of anatomy and physiology. It is aimed at promoting relaxation while at the same time healing the body.

The differences

Swedish massage and Thai massage differs in many different ways, such as:

  • Techniques used
  • Philosophies
  • Use of oil
  • Clients’ dress
  • Benefits

It is essential to understand and know the differences between Swedish massage and Thai massage to help you make a decision of which one is good for you.

The dress

Swedish massage uses lotions or essential oils. Thus, clients must be undressed and will be covered with a towel. They are lying face down on the table.

Thai massage doesn’t need to be undressed since the oils used are essential oils or it is not applied.

The techniques

Swedish massage is called soft massage, which means it uses techniques that include rubbing and stroking.

Thai massage applies pressure on the acupuncture points to loosen and stretch muscles.

The positions

Thai massage as lazy yoga massage gets from the idea that the clients are stretched or rocked by the massage therapist in different positions.

Swedish massage lets the client lay down on the massage table face down.

The benefits

Swedish massage offers a more healing effect, which focuses on relaxation through using rubbing and strokes techniques to relieve pain and stress. Thai massage is focused on improving the energy flow and is more dynamic.

With this information, you can make a decision on which type of body massage you wanted to get.