What do You Know About Jetspree and Wine Malaysia?

Jetspree is a cross border shopping platform that connects buyers with tourists from anywhere in the world. In this way, you can be accessible to many different popular brands and products abroad, but not available in Malaysia. We offer a secure and comfortable shopping platform by censorship between buyers and tourists.

 Jetspree has more than 50,000 product options from different product types. These include free products, electronics, fashion, health and beauty, luxury products, food, and snacks, as well as more.  We constantly expand our assortment with the latest products.

 How does it work?

  1. Looking for something you want? Request inquiries or browse more products.
  2. Our tourists are regular leaflets that are commissioned by shopping for them.
  3. Your card will only be charged if a tourist confirms your goods and buys them. If not, you will be 100% refunded.
  4. Get your article in front of your door.

Jetspree does not provide shipping for the countries listed on your website. For the listed countries, the travelers will bring the purchased products to the buyer’s house and transport them to the buyer of courier or by the facial adjustment agreement into the buyers.

In Malaysia, consumer number 1 is the authenticity of products.  (Yes, we have heard a million times compared to mixed products. The task is not paid. And this list is still on …)


As an importer, Wine Stores This online wine malaysia ensures the authenticity of every bottle we sell, which we sell, advertise our strict guidelines.

Know that the order and order of the order is usually the biggest barrier for everyone who had a birthday, a wedding or just one night with family or friends, online wine shops with individual packages, and simple options to add options to enable this decision.  They believe that a home party can be joy (if no longer) than an external party. Therefore, we constantly design simple concepts to carry out the freedom of great time when you fit.

These stores offer a unique shopping experience with our services over 2,000 red and white wine labels from the old and new worlds. There is also gourmet food, drinking accessories, and social gifts under one roof on your fingertips. In Malaysia, this e-commerce wine shop is a great need. As many sites also ask for verification if you are above 21+ or non- Muslims. The government of Malaysia has proper legal guidelines on this type of e-commerce, and all the dealers are verified before selling online.