Handyman Services

How Much Should You Pay a Handyman?

A good rule of thumb when choosing one of these professionals is to ask him what other customers are paying him. This may seem like common sense, but it’s surprising how few people actually do this! In truth, there are no set prices for any particular service performed by any particular person in the field at any given time for any specific reason or task. Suppose the customer does not pay whatever price the professional charges, then no work will be performed — even if the customer can’t afford it. It’s like the gas-pumping guy who tells you to let his meter run to empty before he fills up your gas tank.

There are a few things to look out for. First and foremost, ask to see a couple of references — or at least call one of them and ask him directly how much he charges. Otherwise, you could be stuck with a professional who charges $10 per hour but only works every other week or one that doesn’t show up when he said he would (what good is your time then?). Also, ask about the watch dogs that come into your home, about any special equipment such as ladders or power tools, and about what happens if you have problems with them in the future.

handyman services in Westfield, IN can be expensive, but in most cases, the benefit to the homeowner is far greater than the cost. Additionally, if the handyman does more than simply a little bit of painting, and installing shelves and window coverings, then he’ll come back to do more — as well as to fix things that go wrong. Otherwise, if he has to come back multiple times to do the same job each time, you might be wasting his time.

These services often need to be done every few weeks and can take a long time to complete. It will probably also cost more than if you hired an actual professional for the same job. Therefore, it’s crucial to ask hard questions because you wouldn’t want to be stuck with someone who charges $10 per hour to find out this week that they never showed up again.