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What is an eToro Social Trading Platform?

A social trading platform connects people who are interested in social trading. Users can connect their eToro accounts with their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, which links their accounts together. When someone is looking to buy or sell stocks, they can choose based on the people they connect with.

Social trading is a relatively new phenomenon but has been growing in popularity recently. Using social networks to find trading partners has been around for a while, but platforms such as eToro have added an easy-to-use feature to make it simple.

How Do You Join eToro Social Trading Platform?

eToro reviews

Join eToro and connect with your friends via eToro website. This is the easiest way to join a social trading platform. Simply register an account, open an account for each of your friends you’re interested in connecting with, and share those accounts. Once you’ve done this process, you can select which of your friends to view which stocks from their portfolio. You can also see how much of their portfolio people have actually purchased or sold.

If you have your linked eToro accounts on your LinkedIn page, others can view this page to see what of stocks you own. This is a great way for those with less experience trading in stocks to learn how it works and get an idea about which stock may be best for them.

How Do You Trade on the eToro Social Trading Platform?

Once you’ve connected with your friends, you can go ahead and trade. Click “Start Trading” at the top and then choose from among the various cryptocurrencies available. Go ahead and enter a few pieces of information about yourself—this will allow you to use your account as an identification method for other traders who need to connect anonymously. Then add a deposit or withdrawal amount, and select a currency.