Where can you find perfect garden decor ideas for your home?

The HomePursuits provide the best home solutions. Garden, Kitchen, Man cave, and other recommended ideas are provided to the customers. You can check it out at They desire to give you the ideas and inspiration necessary to make your house a home. In that case, you should construct an outdoor fire pit in your backyard as soon as possible. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with loved ones and friends while appreciating the beauty of nature.

Make the best garden fire pit

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Home Pursuits

  1. Pick a backyard spot

Your fire pit should be on a flat, level surface to avoid instability. After finding the appropriate place, dig a 2-by-3-foot hole.

  1. Dig a pit

Most fire pits require a 2-by-3-foot excavation. Adjust the hole size to make your fire pit bigger or smaller. To simply add wood and fuel the fire, dig a hole at least a foot wider than the fire pit.

  1. Fill the hole with gravel.

After digging the pit, add gravel to the bottom. This helps drain water and prevents pooling in the pit. You can buy gravel or use backyard rocks. Gravel needs vary by fire pit size.

  1. Surround the hole with bricks or stones.
  2. Create a fire pit in the ring using metal mesh or chicken wire.