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California marijuana is a recreational smokers dream come true

It has been the dream of marijuana smokers to be able to enjoy getting high without the worry of getting in trouble with the police. Everyone can remember a time when they had to make sure that all the windows were closed and the scent of the smoke couldn’t be allowed to waft outside. Those days are slowly going the way of the dodo bird, and it’s because of California marijuana. As California turns its attention away from putting people in prison for smoking marijuana, the rest of the country and world are as well.

hemp dispensaries

It’s all about peace of mind at the end

Every cannabis smoker out there realizes they’re not a criminal. Just because you enjoy getting high doesn’t make you an ax murdered. Why should you be put into a jail cell with someone who has harmed others while you didn’t do anything harmful at all? Smokers have had to wrestle with this since time began.

It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when the harmless plant wasn’t illegal. Those were the days when people had common sense and were able to think independently without a government telling them what to do.

It appears that California and other states are on track to go back to those golden days by enabling people to smoke and consume marijuana if that’s what they so wish to do.

Fire up that joint and take a toke for victory

We live in a time when smokers know what it’s like to live in a world where firing up a bowl could get them put behind bars. You know that these days where pot is legal are some of the best in recent memory. You can enjoy the one thing that you like more than anything else in the world without fear of being thrown in the slammer.

hemp dispensaries

That in itself is more than enough reason why you should celebrate and enjoy yourself. Just remember, every time you get high it wouldn’t have been possible just a few short years ago. You would’ve had to hide beneath your bed and hope that your neighbors didn’t call the police on you for smoking a harmless plant.

Hopefully, other states and countries will change their laws too

California and a small handful of states can’t be the only ones who allow their residents to live in freedom. There have to be other states and even countries that see the light. Legalizing marijuana makes sense to save the lives of people and bring in all the money from the taxes paid.