The most common windows error and solution we all know, the usage of computers have been greatly increasing in the recent days. It can also be said that computers have become a most fundamental thing in the day to day life. Obviously for using the computers, people tend to choose the operating system which is highly convenient for them to handle. In spite of other operation systems, the Microsoft windows are highly used by many users right from the initial days. Especially, more number of people is using Windows 10. Even though this operating system tends to have more enhanced features, the users are supposed to experience some kind of problem. Especially they tend to experience a common issue while they are trying to install the Xampp server. This article is written in order to provide an elaborated look on the error and the best way of sorting them without any hassles.

Vcruntime140_1.dll file

The people who are using windows 10 would have known about this file. To reveal the fact this is commonly known as Microsoft Runtime Library and according to the experts it is highly related to the Visual studio of Microsoft. Each and every windows user must remember that this is a segment which tends to guarantee the working of a windows program. Hence one must always remember that if this record is missing, it may influence all kind of software programs that are installed in the computer. Thus, it can be said that this file tend to play a major role in the functioning of windows system.


As mentioned above, one of the most common problems experienced by many windows users is the vcruntime140_1.dll error. To reveal the fact, many people are clueless about this error. The users must remember that are various reasons which can be stated behind this error. Obviously the errors in all the systems may not be caused because of a particular reason. This may get varied depending upon the activities of the users. In some system, the error would have been established as the result of corrupted files. In some cases, it may be the result of issues in the registry. Likewise, the reasons may get varied from one case to another.

How to fix?

Many people tend to have an assumption that fixing this error is more complicated. But this is not the fact. Fixing this kind of error is quite easier than they sound to be. And there are also several ways for fixing this error. The users can download the file from the reputed online sources for fixing it easily. In case if they are in need to fix the error automatically they can make use of the best fixers in online. And likewise there are several ways for fixing this error. The users can choose the one according to their convenience.